42 New Affordable Homes

What is affordable?

While rents are high at most new buildings, especially for larger family-sized units, Greenway Heights is priced to be affordable to working families. 

Who can live here?

Greenway Heights is open to all who income qualify. Our vision is a place where everyone is accepted and families have a home where they feel welcome and supported. Legal status is not a requirement.

Eligibility is subject to a positive landlord reference, good credit, and a criminal background check. Individuals with any eviction or felony conviction will be not be approved. 

Section 8 certificates and/or vouchers will be accepted.

What are the income requirements & limitations?

Greenway Heights has a minimum income requirement of two times the monthly rent as well as the following maximum income limits.

Income Limits by Household Size:

  • 2 People / $33,200
  • 3 People / $37,350
  • 4 People / $41,450
  • 5 People / $44,800
  • 6 People / $48,100
  • 7 People / $51,400
  • 8 People / $54,750

Rent Limits by Bedroom:

  • 2 Bedroom / $840
  • 3 Bedroom / $977
  • 4 Bedroom / $1,087

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Family-Sized Apartments

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Unit 2A-A (Accessible)

Unit 2A

Unit 2B

Unit 2C

Unit 3A

Unit 3B

Unit 3C

Unit 3D

Unit 3E-A (Accessible)

Unit 3E

Unit 3F

Unit 4A

Managed by Premier Management. 

Developed by PRG and Phoenix Development 
in partnership with the East Phillips neighborhood.